Ariel cake.icing ideas!

veritas3, Oct 10, 8:00am
The recipe calls for wilton icing colours in copper, no-taste red, teal, rose, lemon-yellow, black and lavender. could i get away with using the cheaper supermarket brands! i just dont want to spend a fortune on colours. Any ideas on how to make skin tone (copper) or the teal colour! any tips would be appreciated!

veritas3, Oct 10, 8:57pm

kinna54, Oct 11, 2:31am
Yes. My DILhas done that successfully.
When we did granddies last birthday cake she was having a pool party, at the local swimming baths,so as we only had limited time, (birthday near xmas) we did the cake with Ariel in the pool.(and of course miss got to keep the doll)
It was a big round cake with ariel doll in the pool, just before cutting we filled the top of the cake with blue jelly.
Sides of the cake were the blue icing with edible fish (came from spotlight or cake decorating shop I think)
Sorry I can't find the pix, would be so much better if you could see it.
Made and decorated in under 2 hrs.

sclaredy_cat, Oct 11, 2:32am
For the skin tone, you should be able to get away with red food colouring and cocoa. Only use *very* small quantities of each, mixing well in between, as my mother said, you can always add more but you can't take it out! For the teal, its almost a mixture of 2 parts blue and one of yellow. For this it might be worth making a small amount of icing, getting the colour right, then adding more white icing. With the teal just be aware that if you are using fondant you won't get a rich colour using the liquid colourings, it will probably be more of a pastel shade. With buttercream you can get it darker.

Did you want some suggestions for the other colours too or are they sorted!

splitty, Oct 13, 8:09am
For the red, I suggest using the queen red colour not hansells as hansells is more pink than red, I have made skin tone with a little yellow and a tiny bit of cocoa, cocoa is kind of a pinky brown anyway and as sclaredy_cat said use only a little bit at a time. To get the rich colours of Ariel's tail and things you may need to add extra icing sugar if you use liquid colouring. has a chefmaster student gel pack which has 8 different colours in it for $14.50 if you did want to get some gel colours

nauru, Oct 14, 7:28am
Hi splitty, Does using the queen red colouring to make pink, stay pink!I have used Hansells in the past for the pink part of my coconut ice but it fades to a peach colour.

splitty, Oct 29, 5:40am
It is a really red colour, more of an orangey(sp) red but queen also make a natural pink colour (more expensive) and just their standard pink colour. I usually use it for buttercream and it makes a lovely pink colour not peach, you could only try I guess.

veritas3, do you have any pics to share, I'd love to see the result, pleeease

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