Rice paper for dumplings!

Are you able to make dumplings with Rice Paper Spring Roll skin or are there special 'dumpling wrappers' - bearing in mind that I live in Alexandra, of course! Not the same supermarket choices as in the big smokes!

Chef_mazzy1, Sep 30, 2:45 pm


Chef_mazzy1, Sep 30, 4:02 pm

If you are talking about dumplings like wontons or the ones they put soups, i think it's preferable that they are proper dumpling wrappers. The rice paper spring rolls might be too fragile for putting into soups and you would find they might just fall apart.
However, wonton wrappers which are pretty much easier to get are versatile for all sorts of dumplings.

Chef_aly5, Sep 30, 4:31 pm

YOu need proper wonton wrappers - rice paper is much thinner than dumpling dough. Its easy enough to make dumpling dough though and there are lots of good recipes on youtube that show you exactly what to do :)

Chef_antoniab, Sep 30, 5:25 pm

i use the large rice paper rounds and make enclosed spring rolls i can deep fry, as im gluten free, they are delish fried, if you do double layer i reckon they would work well for steaming too

Chef_motorbo, Sep 30, 5:45 pm

Heeey - now you're talking people! Thanks for the suggestions everybody. motorbo I have some nice fresh pork mince, coriander and bean sprouts, so will experiment over the weekend.

Chef_mazzy1, Sep 30, 6:17 pm

You could also just use fresh pasta sheets to make dumplings with - like ravioli etc. just cut out from fresh lasagna sheets.

Chef_aly5, Oct 1, 9:02 am

yum, have fun.and let us know how they were

Chef_motorbo, Oct 1, 12:38 pm

yum motorbo sounds lovely,must try this sometime thankyou.

Chef_earthangel4, Oct 1, 1:41 pm

heya EA, use double layer if your going to deep fry or shallow fry, they are also good sprayed with oil and baked in the oven, i usually fill with cooked mince, pork or beef, chopped prawns, bean sprouts, veges, ginger and tamari

Chef_motorbo, Oct 1, 5:42 pm

yum,thanks so much,another meal to add to my list.

Chef_earthangel4, Oct 1, 6:44 pm

Well - my first wontons were a great success, although I felt they needed more flavour - heaps more coriander and perhaps a little salt and they might have been perfect! Also - we have a very small house and the smell of hot oil was a little overwhelming, but it was fun! I also used my bamboo steamer and did some gorgeous salmon fillets wrapped in bok choy with ginger and spring onions, so a nice healthy balance to our meal tonight.

Chef_mazzy1, Oct 1, 9:42 pm

oh sounds fabulous mazzy well done!

Chef_motorbo, Oct 2, 9:06 am

Alex NW should have wonton wrapper in the frozen section and rice paper pre made wrappers in their international section.as a NW they aren't that bad.rice apper ones are nice as finger food cold with what ever in them.and steamed ones in soup are lovely.go to it.sadly I don't make many things like that now living alone :( I do make samosa's stil and make my own pastry.easy and yummy.and they freeze well and you people still have a bin in!Try pea flour patties the freeze well and heat ok in microwave.

Chef_anne1955, Oct 2, 9:40 am

Sounds good, thanks. Yep our NW is pretty good - I was just looking in the wrong places!

Chef_mazzy1, Oct 2, 9:54 am

pea flour patties! do you have a recipe oplease

Chef_motorbo, Oct 2, 9:54 am