Mississippi Mud Cake Icing . Help please .

3084me, Sep 15, 1:47am
I am making Miss 13yo a Mississppi mud cake for her birthday on Sunday, but am in 2 minds of what to ice it with --- my first (easy thought) was to grab some of the Aunt Betty's Chocolate Frosting from the superarket to ice it with, but then thought it may not 'go' with the mudcake -- my 2nd thought is to do a ganache icing!
I have no idea which OR if either of these 2 ideas would be best! (as Im not a mudcake person myself)
Any tips/suggestions for icing pleaseeee

lx4000, Sep 15, 2:27am
For dark chocolate ganache use a 2-1 ratio of chocolate to cream.
For white or dairy milk chocolate the ratio is 3-1

Finely chop chocolate or use food processor, heat the cream until just on boiling point and pour over chocolate. Let it stand a minute ot two then whisk until smooth.

I leave this covered overnight at room temperature to set up before using as my base coat under fondant. The correct consistency for this use is like peanut butter so may require a quick blast in microwave to get it right. The ganache can also be whipped to make a delicious icing that can be piped on cupcakes.

Quotemotgirl (

lx4000, Sep 15, 2:29am
if your making that cake, a gnache (sp) is wayyyy better than icing!

chicco2, Sep 15, 7:51am

barbmac33, Oct 14, 1:32am
I realise it is a Birthday Cake but I make a Mississippi Mud Cake,often but only Sift Icing Sugar over the Top.Looks great on a Plate.

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