My latest Lollypop cake

cupcakes5, Sep 10, 6:13am
not bad for 1.5 hours decorating, im sure it would have looked a little tidier with more time but was very rushed, what do you all think!

nthwest, Sep 10, 6:26am
cupcakes5 you need to go away LOL - these are just too yummy looking. I would never want to cut one personally, they look far too good to eat!

rainrain1, Sep 10, 7:02am
You are so clever, what fun!

jenner4, Sep 11, 4:22am
You are the best

cupcakes5, Sep 11, 9:08am
Aww i can't go away, you guys give me the coolest comments lol

nthwest, Sep 12, 11:16pm
cupcakes5 I had to STOP looking at your yummy cakes, I was going nuts looking at such stunning work - On one hand I'm glad you don't live near me and on the other hand "I darn well wish you lived next door to me" I know where I would be all the time.I made a stunning Chocolate and Orange liquer layered cake once.It took me all day long and looked stunning, far too good to eat.But I couldn't eat even a smidgeon of it as alcohol and I don't go together, the slightest amount even in baking makes me really ill. And each layer of this cake was soaked in it literally. I hand made all the decorations and it was covered in grated chocolate.My friends thought I was the best person in the world as they devoured it. (Edited for my sp errors)

shop-a-holic, Sep 13, 1:01am
Keep bringing them on. I love looking at cakes. Thank you for sharing :-)

cupcakes5, Sep 13, 1:25am
Aww Nthwest thanks for the comments, bummer about the alcohol part cause daaam that layer cake sounds me you don't want to live next door, my poor neighbours are my guinea pigs and i make them try all my experiment recipes haha some not so good.what kind of decorations did you make for the cake, sounds like a lot of work went into it.

cupcakes5, Sep 13, 1:26am
Thanks shop a holic. i will definately keep them coming, i have this week off, other than a few cupcakes but next week i have a couple to do i think, better check the diary lol

nthwest, Sep 13, 7:55pm
Gosh it was a long time ago but I remember grating blocks of chocolate once it was all assembled, then it was a matter of icing it with more alcohol infused icing, choc/orange no less then I pressed all of the grated chocolate all over it and I made green leaves and pink flowers to decorate it all over.The entire ensemble was edible but I just couldn't.LOL I was so popular.This thing had 5 layers soaked in orange liquer (sp).I would doubt that anyone would be allowed to drive after eating it LOL.I was not happy that I couldn't even try it but as I said above even an inkling of alcohol and I can be found in the bathroom.not good!Has a horrific effect on me, probably why "way back when" as a teenager I was always designated driver for EVERYTHING!I made this cake because it looked amazing and it truly was a masterpiece.I've never made it again, as mentioned before the darn thing took me a whole day.My parents used to live next door to me so they were always my guinea pigs.Ooops I recall as a kid I made scones (as you do) but somehow I used baking soda instead of flour (don't ask me how LOL) and my parents tried them, for some unusual reason they were always suspicious of my cooking for years afterwards, the normal questions after that were.What is it & What's in it! Hahahahaha.

cookessentials, Sep 13, 9:51pm
You will love these ones then.they are my newest "like" on our facebook page and are just so gorgeous.!/pages/Sweet-Dimples-Cakes/155354704540009

sikofstuf, Sep 14, 5:12am
they are cute cookessentials! My facebook page doesnt have many on it at the moment- I'm shocking for getting time to upload photos- and then on top of that, I always take such awful photos! lol I do cakes- NOT photos! lol

cupcakes5, Sep 14, 8:24am
Gorgeous! juat gorgeous, thank you for that

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