Orange Poppy Seed Cake

chicco2, Sep 9, 10:27pm
Please can someone give me tried and true recipe for this. I have been asked to do one as a tier for a wedding cake. Also hoping its a recipe with oil not butter, as it needs to be gluten and dairy free.
Thanks in advance. I will keep an eye on this thread.

pickles7, Sep 9, 10:40pm
I would have asked for there recipe. The Wedding party must know what the cake, consists of. If you are up to it, just go make one out of a tried recipe, gluten and dairy free. Go from there. I guess someone will find one very soon. They are getting married why the "high".

chicco2, Sep 10, 4:33am
I dont think they know a recipe its just a cake they tried at a cafe ages ago.
I have made the orange cake that you make in the wizz, skin and all, and its not bad. I dont understand what you mean about they are getting married why the high. Please explain.

nthwest, Sep 10, 6:23am
I think the HIGH is referring to poppy seeds.

pickles7, Sep 10, 7:16am
The whole Orange cakes are nice, if you have made one and they are happy with that cake, just add poppy seeds to the batter.
2 Tbsp to each cup of flour.

chicco2, Sep 10, 8:44am
Ok, thanks to both replys. LOL. I will do the wizz recipe.

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