Rich Moist white cake & alternative to shortening!

leeso, Sep 9, 6:31am
I want to make a moist white chocolate cake for my wedding but am not sure of any good recipes that are moist and also what do you use as shortening here in baking or can you buy it!

chicco2, Sep 9, 7:22am
150g white choc buttons
250g butter ( room temp)
2 cups caster sug
vanilla ess
2 eggs (room temp)
1 cup milk (slightly warm)
pnch salt
1&1/2 cups plain flour
1/2 cup Self raising flour.
Melt choc
Cream butt & sug
Beat eggs with milk and ess
Mix all together and fold in flours and salt.
place mixture in a double lined (with baking paper), 20cm Round tin and
bake at 150 Celc.for an hour or till skewer comes out clean.
I have used this recipe for lots of wedding cakes, and its lovely.
Please do a test cake first to check size and if you like the flavour etc.

leeso, Sep 9, 7:06pm
ty chicco2 :) will give it a test run!

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