Re sending baking to Australia.

elsielaurie1, Sep 6, 4:40am
A few weeks ago I wrote asking if anyone had any experience regarding sending home-baking to Australia, as my grandson had sent me a request for a Belgium Square to be sent.I was unsure as to whether baking was allowable. Anyway, I sent it, duly wrapped in greaseproof paper, inside a snap-lock plastic bag, within a home-made cardboard carton. Attached to the carton I taped a copy of the recipe and on the outer brown paper wrapping, a green customs' slip stating that the contents were - A Home Baked Square.It arrived, albeit, 10 days after I posted it, untampered with.and has been greatly enjoyed by my grandson.Perhaps others could now feel free to try their luck as sending their own 'home-baking' across the ditch.:-}

glenleigh, Sep 6, 4:44am
That is great elsielaurie.What a treat for grandson.

countrygirl17, Sep 6, 4:55am
We've sent non-perishable baking etc - recently a tin of Anzac biscuits - to the United States and designated it 'cookies',or 'candy' (for homemade chocolates) and never had a problem.
[cg's Mom]

griffo4, Sep 6, 8:45am
l have sent a chocolate cake to Australia quite a few times on the fast plane(expensive airmail option) to my son and it gets there nice and fresh and lasts about 1/2hr over there,lol
l just put chocolate cake on the form and have had no problems and sent a fruit cake last Christmas and that lasted a bit longer

korbo, Sep 6, 8:51am
perhaps you would share the recipe for belguim square.Please

elsielaurie1, Sep 6, 9:16am
Sure - I'd be pleased to.This is taken from my Mum's recipe book (she passed away 1984 so that will give some idea to how long I've had this receipe.a family favourite.) Heat oven to 180oC and line an oblong sponge-roll tin with baking paper. Cream together 100g butter with 100g sugar. Add 1 egg then 1 tablespoon syrup. Sift together 150g plain flour and 100g cornflour to which has been added 1 teaspoon each of cocoa, mixed spice and cinnamon. Add dry ingredients to creamed mixture. Dissovle 1 teaspoon of Baking soda in 1-2 tablespoons of milk and add to mix.Spread 1/2 of the mixture in the sponge roll tin, spread with raspberry jam then cover with remaining mixture. Bake 15-20 mins or until cooked.When cool ice with white icing and sprinkle withraspberry jelly crystals.Enjoy.:-}

dipton, Dec 5, 8:11pm
Thanks for this discussion, am planning to send some baking (melting moments and a little Christmas cake) to a nephew in Aus.Will go ahead and do what elsielaurie1 with the documentation.Thanks again

seniorbones, Dec 5, 8:57pm
food is not a prohibited item, you can get info from nzpost web site or a leaflet in store, and this sounds yummy I will definately try these. My 'dil' (sons partner) makes a cake similar to this and is very morish!

dreamers, Dec 5, 9:19pm
We learnt something from customs yesterday.I had won a turkey breast in the RSA club raffle in QLD. we gave it away knowing we could not bring it back.We asked the customs man and he said no to any birds,but we could bring red meat as long as ithad country of origin on it ,also pastrami etc is okay as long as the ingredients are listed.

cgvl, Dec 5, 9:28pm
Brother took Salami into Aussie.
He checked first and it must be labelled with ingredients, and country of origin also had butchers name and city on it too.Went through ok but got stopped with the Deer Head Trophy but once it was checked he went straight through and trophy hanging on other bros wall.

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