Cake with wine in it

marcs, Sep 5, 10:43am
I made Jo Seagars Chadonnay cake today. Still to try yet but does anyone have cakes made with red wine. I could always substitute the Chardonnay with red wine and see what it turns out like.

ribzuba, Sep 5, 9:40pm

deus701, Sep 6, 4:17am
did you enjoy the cake! she's one of the top pastry chefs in the world.

ribzuba, Sep 6, 6:21am
yeah i loved it.she really is amazing! i went to a class she did in auckland and fell in love!

macwood2, Sep 6, 6:31am
wow, love the look of this and the site is amazing.Thanks ribzuba.Is the cake one you made at the class in AK!What else did you make!Anything you can post!

ribzuba, Sep 8, 9:23pm
sorry for the late reply macwood2, we didnt make that at the class but it was in her recipe book that she was selling there.i completely recomend it, every recipe is perfect! she also showed us bubblegum flavoured meringue petit fours, mint parfait and dark choc dessert, popcorn and brownie dessert, amedei choc and mandarin dessert, a s'more dessert and poached meringue.they were all lovely too! i can post any of the recipes if you would like, unfortunately she currently works in america and one of the ingredients i think is only available there but im sure its easily subsituted!

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