Spiced chocolate cake

willow123, Aug 29, 6:29am
Years ago I had a recipe for a beautiful chocolate cake which had cinnamon, ginger and something else in it. I think it was called Austrian Chocolate cake but must have lost it when moving house.
Have never been able to find a similar recipe.
If anyone has it I'd be really grateful if you would share it

motgirl, Aug 30, 3:48am
Bumping for your lovely sounding cake!

marree, Aug 30, 9:34am
Hi, could it possibly be called 'Linzertorte'!It has cocoa, cinnamon and ground cloves within ingredients. I do have the recipe for this, but perhaps google it first to see a picture / recipe to make sure it's the one you're looking for.

willow123, Aug 30, 1:52pm
No it isn't but thanks anyway

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