Doubling Cake Recipe

samsara11, Aug 29, 4:11am
I have been asked to make a large cake for a 70th birthday.I have been specifically asked to make the AAW celebration chocolate cake which is a lovely recipe.I have never doubled a recipe before, is this simply a matter of doubling the ingredients!

245sam, Aug 29, 4:40am
samsara11, doubling a cake recipe is not really something I'm familar with unless it's just a matter of cooking the doubled recipe in two tins, in which case the cooking time would just be the same as for a single mixture but in your case, I think you'd need to adjust the cooking time for the large cake and how much will depend not only on the dimensions of the cake/size of the tin but also on its depth compared to the depth of the tin as would be used for a single quantity mix, and those factors would, of course, affect the depth of the cake.

Hope that helps - I'm sure there are others who will be able to advise you further, so I hope it goes well for you.:-))

kinna54, Aug 29, 4:49am
I have done this succesfully with many recipes, I used to double lots of my home baking recipes for cafe sized cakes. just a tip tho, rewrite the recipe with the doubled ingredients and tick off each item as you go, so you don't miss anything along the way, also a fail safe way in case of any distractions. (My phone always rings or something just as in the midst of doubling things or working out quantities, grr).
As far as the cooking time goes, it will be trial and error a bit, the size of the cake pan etc, would also factor in there, but a quick maths calculation should help there, Just follow the normal cooking time and monitor from there onwards. Good luck, I am sure it will go well.

cgvl, Aug 29, 4:52am
could you do it as a 2 tier cake, maybe offset, rather than a large cake. especially if you have to double mixture.
I frequently double the mix for cakes, biscuits and slices but they do not always come out the same as if I just did one mix twice, in particular the cakes and loaves. Often they tend to be a bit on the dry side.

chicco2, Aug 29, 6:15am
If a recipe makes a 20cm square, fill the 20cm square tin with water to the level you usually fill it with raw mix and tip it into the required size tin, repeat until water comes up to correct level in larger tin. However many times you filled the 20cm square is the number of times you need to multiply the original recipe. Simply double triple or quad your original recipe. Allow the large cake to completely cool before tipping out, they are more likely to break when warm.

samsara11, Aug 29, 8:19am
Thank you.I am going to have a dummy run and if it is o.k. then will freeze

aimz_bj, Aug 30, 9:01am
I double nearly every recipe I do.I have a rather large cake tin and if I were to do a single mixture it would hardly fill it!My slice containers are large as well so I have to double them as well. I have only come across 2 receipes of slices that didnt require me to double my mixture.

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