The cake recipe I'm wanting to make calls for

elsielaurie1, Aug 21, 8:45pm
an 18cm round cake tin. What size square tin would I need to use! as I haven't got one that size. Thank you.

lx4000, Aug 21, 9:18pm

245sam, Aug 21, 9:24pm
elsielaurie1, have a look at:-

There's a conversion table there with the capacity of the various tin sizes -an 18cm (approximately 7") round cake tin is quite a small tin soIMO it may be that you would be best to use a loaf tin for the cake you're wanting to make.

Hope that helps.:-))

lx4000, Aug 21, 9:51pm

elsielaurie1, Aug 22, 8:23am
Thank you all so much.very much appreciated.:-}

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