Potato Pom Poms!

Anyone know how I could make some! Mashed spuds, sieve and mix with what! Egg! Roll in something! Any suggestions welcome, although I have a cheese allergy. TIA

Chef_kendy2, Aug 7, 1:54 pm

Once upon a time I used to make potato croquettes - same thing but just a different shape.I whipped an egg and added it to the mashed potato along with salt and pepper and left it to cool.I then rolled the potato into shape, dipped in egg and then rolled in fine breadcrumbs.Put back in the fridge or pop into freezer for a short time as it makes it easier to deep fry. With croquettes I used to repeat the egg wash and breadcrumbs but that was because they croquettes are a cylindrical shape and broke easily whilst being fried.It just seemed to make them a little stronger.

Chef_pogram0, Aug 7, 2:29 pm

Thanks - sounds good

Chef_kendy2, Aug 7, 3:09 pm