Cake is awesome just a little problem - help pls

melissa411, Aug 5, 12:47am
Have made an engagement cake for tommorrow. Anyone got any ideas of how to set the ganache on the top of my cake. Its sticky and I need it to set so I can put a floral arrangement on top. Cakes too big to put in fridge, was thinking of sifting a little cocoa powder ontop! any ideas would be appreciated, Thanks

jag5, Aug 5, 1:27am
Coldest room in the house!Do you have a deep freeze you can pop it in.or will that make it go white if dark chocolate.Hmmmm not sure

melissa411, Aug 5, 1:32am
yeah don't want to risk the choc going white or getting the moisture spots on it. Was thinking of putting it in the car tonight so it will be cold maybe it will set overnight!

indy95, Aug 5, 1:38am
Melissa411, if you could perhaps take a shelf out of the fridge and fit it in there just long enough to harden the ganache then put it in a cold place overnight that should solve the problem. If the fridge isn't an option and you have a freezer you could try that but again only for long enough to set the ganache.

melissa411, Aug 5, 7:57am
Thanks indy, but the cake board the cake is on is way to big to fit in the fridge or freezer.

winnie231, Aug 5, 8:39am
Yeah - find the coldest place in the house . ie. laundry or garage. You would be surprised how much warmer your kitchen is!

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