I've never poached an egg in a microwave and

survivorr, Jul 22, 5:50am
I'm wondering if it would be successful done in a pyrex measuring cup.It looks big enough to me.And I have to prick the yolk??

sumstyle, Jul 22, 6:34am
I don't prick the yolk, but I do zap in carefully in say 10 or 20 second batches, to avoid the explosions.

lx4000, Jul 22, 6:48am
poke!! If ya don't you will have a wonderful microbe to clean!! I think most have learnt the hard way thou!! Aye??hehehehe

sumstyle, Jul 22, 6:58am
I also use a ramekin, to try and keep the white together as much as possible.

Maybe I have honed my egg microwaving to a fine art - I rarely have explosions to clean up.Or maybe the wattage makes a difference?

kinna54, Jul 22, 7:54am
from microwave know how book:
How to microwave poached eggs.
put 30mls water and 1.5 mls vinegar into a ramekin. microwave on *high* 30-40secs till boiling.
Break egg into this, pierce yolk, and cover the dish with a piece of greaseproof paper. Microwave on *med *50% * until white is nearly set.
Leave to stand for 2-3 mins, shake gently once or twice during standing to help "set" the white. Do not uncover until standing time is completed.
Microwave time for 1 egg 45-60 secs.
Eggs done this way are yummy & come out with the white covering and set on the top, other ways tend to cook the yolk hard while the white is still slightly gooey. Note: the wattage does make a difference.

survivorr, Jul 22, 10:06am
Thx all...going to try tomorrow....

toadfish, Jul 22, 7:06pm
I have a small arcoroc bowl, I put boiling water in from the kettle, a small splash malt vinegar, then my egg,pop it in the microwave with a bread & butter plate on top... and in our microwave its 50 secs for a perfect egg.Never pierce it and maybe 1 in a 100 explode but the plate stops the mess.

pickles7, Jul 22, 9:16pm
lol, this thread reminded me of the time my Bro.walked out of a kitchen in perth.
He loaded up the microwaves with eggs turned them on and had the greatest pleasure to hear the eggs explode.

survivorr, Jul 22, 9:24pm
Now THIS sounds very easy.:)
I'm very fussy when it comes to how I like my scrambled eggs and did them for the first time a couple of weeks ago in the microwave and they were perfect so surely I can manage a boiled egg.

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