Taking kiwi baking overseas!?!

allurs, Jul 21, 11:07pm
Does anyone have a suggeston of what beautiful baking I could take with me to give to the people I'm staying with?!
Have thought of biscutes so far!

jessie981, Jul 21, 11:24pm
Gotta take Anzac biscuits.
Are you allowed to take food

firemansgirl, Jul 21, 11:36pm
My Mum used to send us 'love' parcels when we lived in the UK..... just used to post them, and did declare it on the customs postal form. Never had anything missing or opened....... but definitely Anzacs :-)

jag5, Jul 22, 12:41am
Depends on the Border Control of the country you are going.I would think you can't take fresh food anywhere anymore.Perhaps take the recipes, and bake them there.

juli55, Jul 22, 3:54am
Take the Edmonds recipe book and cook them something from it.

allurs, Jul 22, 5:09am
Hahahah I've taken food to where i'm going before,i just though hmmm, I guess I couldnt take a nana cake with icing now could it? the icing would get squashed?! lol
Any other ideas?! I'll do some Anzas!

milo2525, Jul 22, 5:30am
Its best to check with customs first, When I traveled to Japan the I could take pre packaged foods but had to declare first. Fresh baked goods were banned, had to be packaged etc.

kinna54, Jul 22, 8:00am
I'm not sure you can do it now. My mum took my sisters wedding cake to Oz, a few years ago, but it was all vaccuum packed and sealed, don't know if you would get away with it now. Good luck.

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