What do you use for icing a hummingbird cake?

cautis, Jul 21, 8:28am
Or is it better not iced?

pam.delilah, Jul 21, 8:29am
cream cheese , like a carrot cake, yum

cautis, Jul 21, 8:42am
Oh yum lol.Thanks!

firemansgirl, Jul 21, 10:35am
I made a Hummingbird cake from a recipe on here, I just served it with whipped cream on the side. It's a very moreish cake. Went down very well at work.

kiwiscrapper1, Jul 21, 11:23am
Depends if you want it as cake for morning tea or to fill the tins, or desert. Cream cheese or lemon icing and if desert cream or greek yoghurt...yum

beaker59, Jul 21, 1:52pm
use the feathers you saved from the hummingbirds you baked the cake with.

rj5, Jul 21, 8:17pm
Cream cheese icing all the way

mackenzie2, Jul 21, 9:18pm
Yip a lemon cream cheese icing for me to

cautis, Jul 22, 8:36am
Well I was going to make it for my birthday tomorrow but mum informs me she has made a cake, so I will make it next week for the tins.

cautis, Jul 22, 8:36am
Oh and how do I make cream cheese icing please?

margyr, Jul 22, 7:03pm
I just beat cream cheese, icing sugar and abit of vanilla essence till lovely and thick and smooth. Some add lemon juice rather than vanilla. I use a pot of the cream cheese and quite alot of icing sugar as I like it really thick and creamy.

cautis, Jul 23, 8:30am
Thanks Margyr!

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