Cake recipes for crockpot please

tramore, Jul 19, 5:44am
Am just starting out using a Ralta crockpot...I have been blessed with 2!So does anyone have cake recipes please?

juliewn, Jul 19, 1:23pm
Hi.. if you type crockpot cake into the search bar on the left of your screen, then change 'last 24 hours' to 'last year' by clicking on the down arrow, then search, a number of threads will come up for you..

If you're looking for a particular cake recipe - ie.. chocolate.. include that in your search words too..

Enjoy your crockpot's.. and the way meals can be made well in advance..

wron, Jul 20, 12:17am
Wow, we had one of those with the brown bowl - died last year, cooks much more slowly than the modern ones!

debse, Jul 20, 1:01am
Why don't you use the oven?

tramore, Jul 20, 5:56am
Because I thought I'd try this method for a cake!I have made bread in the crockpot and it was superb and so easy!

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