Need a new Cake mixer..... HELP

kahnyae, Jul 18, 11:42pm
So its time for a new cake mixer, would LOVE a kitchenaid but might be abit expensive, what would you recommend? Only be using it for baking most days, want something that is solid and is going to last, what brands, models etc are the best to look at? Thanks in advance.

ballito, Jul 18, 11:48pm
Go for a kitchenaid you won't regret spending the extra.

kahnyae, Jul 18, 11:56pm
Wheres the best place to buy one also are there different models? Thanks

chicco2, Jul 19, 12:29am
Try here, lovely lady, very helpful, once on the home page, click Appliances.

kahnyae, Jul 19, 1:27am
Thank you, does anyone have the new Kenwood Kmix? They are rated 1st by consumer magazine with kitchenaid coming in second.

suie1, Jul 19, 1:33am
Wow best part of 1000 bucks!Must be good quality that is dearer than Kenwood

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