What to serve with boiled eggs in egg cups?

meiha636, Jul 17, 2:18am
Unusual question, I know but my little girl would like to try a soft-boiled egg in her special Barbie egg-cup tonight - and as we have plenty more (adult) egg cups, am just wondering if anyone has any ideas re. what else to serve with this so that we have the same family meal? I know this may sound strange for a Sunday night meal but I did tell her it was her choice and I think she's curious!

kiwitrish, Jul 17, 2:21am
Serve soldiers.(toasted bread cut into slices) to dip in the egg.

rainrain1, Jul 17, 2:23am
Marmite soldiers....see how many soldiers you can get from one slice :-)

jessie981, Jul 17, 2:27am
Always have to eat soldiers with boiled eggs. good for dipping into the runny yolk.

davidt4, Jul 17, 2:29am
A pat of butter, salt and pepper and some cooked green beans to dip into the egg.

elliehen, Jul 17, 2:31am
You can even dip mousetraps - toast fingers with marmite AND tomato sauce AND grilled cheese :)

meiha636, Jul 17, 2:35am
Thank you so very much, great ideas - am so pleased I asked! Am leaning towards ideas suggested in parenting - spaghetti & baked beans together (my daughter hates baked beans, much to my chagrin so she'll have to cope because everyone else loves them - mean mummy here!!) with sausages and toast in strips (soldiers) - thank you all so much again!

kinna54, Jul 17, 9:24am
One my granddies love is bread case toasties. (for want of a better name). I just put buttered bread (butter side down) into muffin pans or ramekins, top with spaghetti or baked beans, bit of grated cheese, sometimes a bit of chopped ham or bacon, and an egg on top.Cook in moderately hot oven until cooked thru and bread is toasted. Great Sunday night tea. Littlies have muffin size ones, granddad has small quiche size tin, or 2 ramekins depending on size. Yummy.

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