Wanting a Cake mixer what would you recommend

amanda_simonp, Jul 13, 5:26am
love the new coloured kitchen aid ones but $995 aint in my budget.Any recommendations?

ourlotnz, Jul 13, 5:45am
I just got a Kenwood Patissier from using my flybuy points and just love it.I have always wanted to get one but couldn't justify spending that much money on one, and when I saw this I just had to have it.I have been using it 2 or 3 times a week, not sure how long that will last though :)

maximus44, Jul 13, 6:00am
I have had a Kenwood for 24 years and it's still going well. They are a good brand.

antoniab, Jul 13, 6:13am
I have a Kenwood too - bought in the UK for £120 off Amazon but saw it at the fielddays and its about $900!!!

eastie3, Jul 13, 6:15am

antoniab, Jul 13, 7:09am
I have the Chef classic :)

seano7, Jul 13, 7:37am
yuo can get them for under 400 kenwood. or check out save barn.co.nz

bunny51, Jul 13, 8:36am
I have a kenwood too. It getslots of use

rover48, Jul 13, 8:45am
I have a Kenwood that is nearly 40 years old and I also have my Mum's which is even older, both still go great, but they are solid not like some of the plastic ones today...:)

seniorbones, Jul 13, 11:19am
Kitchen -aide is gorgeous and pretty solid too, I have to leave on my bench its too heavy to keep getting out of the cupboard when needed!

amanda_simonp, Jul 15, 9:22pm
Thanks everyone really appreciate your comments.Now to con the hubby..

meegs35, Jul 16, 4:12am
Kitchen Aid all the way...looks beautiful and lasts forever...mine is about 15 years old and gets used a minimum of twice a week!

rrrg, Jul 16, 6:53am
Kitchen Aid if your budget allows

alebix, Jul 16, 9:03pm
To be honest, look for a machine with a high wattage, this will give your machine the guts when it needs it.

I have a kenwood one, forgot which model though, works wonderfully.

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