Need help pls for wheat free meals/baking pls

amanda_simonp, Jul 12, 12:02am
I have been told to try and not use wheat in my son's diet and now I need help.Anyway got some good recipes, meal ideas please.Thank you.

auntlb, Jul 12, 2:12am
My daughter is gluten and dairy free here are examples of what she eats
For breakfasts:
* G-Free cereal and soy or rice milk
* G-free fruit bread toasted
* Omlettes (with g-free ham or bacon)
* G-Free bacon + eggs

For lunches:
* Rice crackers (large round ones)
* fruits
* Chippies / popcorn
* Carrot sticks
* G-free bread toasted and then cooled and made in to sandwiches

For dinner:
* meat and vege
* g-free pasta
* scrambled eggs on g-free toast
* stuffed baked potatoes
* burgers made with g-free buns toasted, homemade patties+ salad

pom-pom, Jul 12, 7:55am
Search gluten free in here and you'll be overwhelmed with recipes! Meals are easy - thicken all stews etc with cornflour (use Edmonds not Homebrand as the latter is mixed with wheat flour). Most unprocessed meats are gluten and wheat free so you're OK with meat veg etc. Watch for gravy - I use Massels stock cubes as these are GF. I make pasta sauces and use GF pasta. I boil it first for 3-4 mins then drain and add fresh boiling water because it tends to works better and not be so gluey! How old is your son? My daughter is 9 and is coeliac. We eat things like polenta, rice, home made gluten free pasta. I make wraps from Masa Harina flour mix (Tio Pablo) and these work well for lunches as do gluten free sausages with potato salad, corn crackers, homemade soups. Baked beans are OK if you use Oak, Heinz english recipe or watties lite. Go to to check out the gluten free/ wheat free manufactured foods. Get used to asking shops and manufacturers all the time and it gets easier the more familiar you become with what's available. Generally the less processed food you use, the easier and the healthier his diet will be. Seeds, nuts, fruits, veg, fish, meat - all these are great. Are cereals with barley OK? Can he have oats? If so, breakfast cereals are not going to be too bad to find (coeliacs can't have wheat, barley, rye, oats as a general rule so I have a different angle for meals!)Good luck

uli, Jul 12, 8:21am
No problem at all if you cook "normal food" - meat, veges, eggs, fish, a bit of fruit, some nuts and a bit of dairy if he can handle that.
Stay away from processed foods, sauces, sweets, cakes and bread and you will be fine. Your whole family will be so much healthier too :) Good luck!

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