Egg nog and other quick drink meal replecements

thea4, Jul 9, 6:21am
Anyone help please/?how is the nog made?milk egg vanilla and nutmeg is there anything else please, Just beaten together?
Any suggestions to encourage someone feeling like drinking rather than chewingmanage a nutirive food intake.

jo2005, Jul 9, 6:23am
Green smoothies, google it

thea4, Jul 10, 9:41pm
thanks she wants something with milk,
do use green smoothies myself they're good

lx4000, Jul 10, 9:46pm
complan, spirilena (sp), banana (frozen), milk!


davidt4, Jul 10, 9:52pm
My mother made egg nog when we were sick.From memory she heated about a cup of whole milk until almost at simmering point and meanwhile whisked an egg with a little sugar.Then poured the milk into the egg and whisked until it was frothy.Served in a mug with nutmeg grated n top.I loved it.

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