Birthday cake question

amarni1, Jul 5, 1:08am
I want to make a birthday cake for my wee mr almost 2.What is the best cake to use? (can't be chocolate).I want to make a Maisy Mouse cake and was wondering about carrot cake.Would this cake be heavy enough to handle being cut, and shaped and all the fiddly icing.Could I use cream cheese icing and would it go the right colour with food colouring?Help!

lx4000, Jul 5, 2:04am
you could do. Try it out with a small cake in advance :)

chicco2, Jul 5, 2:21am
Try a nice plain Madera cake. I dont think carrot cake will cut well. Lemon Yogurt cake is another favourite, not too sweet and a fresh lemon flavour. Its texture is more like a loaf and cuts into shapes well.Just go for a butter cream icing, with a thin crumbcoat first, then into the fridge to firm up. Then apply your top coat. Use gel food colours from here or a cake shop or Spotlight. Dont forget to post a photo of your finished cake, we would love to see it.

nzhel, Jul 5, 2:25am
I usually use packet cake mixes to make shaped cakes, and yes they aren't my favorite cakes either! Homemade is so much better - but for a never fail cake that is easy to cut and holds its shape well I found they are excellent.

juliewn, Jul 5, 12:52pm
I'd hesitate with shaping a carrot cake, as it's usually quite a moist softish cake..

Over the years, our favourite cake for a birthday cake base is the Coconut Layer Cake in the Edmonds book.. it has a nice texture, can be made the day before needing to ice it, and is strong enough to be able to cut and shape however I've made the cakes for my now grown Kids.. It's easily doubled or tripled too.

Happy Birthday to your little Son :-)

kiwitrish, Jul 5, 8:28pm
Marley.I have bumped up my recipe for great birthday cake that cuts well and lasts, giving you time to decorate it..

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