I want to poach an egg in the microwave and

survivorr, Jun 17, 6:24am
have no idea how long to leave it, should I cover it etc etc ... haven't done one before.I did some scrambled eggs earlier in the week and they were fine - trouble with microwaved food is it is very hot but then gets cold very quickly.

dezzie, Jun 17, 6:32am
microwave about a tablespoon of water in a cup for 10 seconds on high, break the egg into the cup, pop the yolk (it still stays together) double up a paper towel and put over the cup, with the ends under the cup (just in case) then micro on 30% power for 1 min 30 seconds, it may need another 30 after that depending on your microwave, remember to take the power level back down to 30% if you have to do it again.
Good luck, I always do mine in the micro.
ack edit edit edit, I actually do two at once, just microwave it for a minute the first time

survivorr, Jun 17, 6:55am
Thx...will follow your instructions.I think someone at work yesterday microwaved on but I thought they put it straight into the container (no water first) ... I wasn't watching her all the time so not sure exactly what she did....

norse_westie, Jun 17, 7:16am
I use a muffin thingy, but I tend to do 6 at a time. If 2 or 3 just use every second muffin hole. Spray or wipe with oil, drop egg in, and pierce the yolk twice. Mike for 60 seconds, let stand for 30 then try another 30 seconds. Let it stand - decide how runny or firm you want it, you may need to do 20 second bursts till its right, but it keeps cooking for a minute so dont over do it.

My kids make these for their afternoon tea.

survivorr, Jun 17, 9:54am
This weekend I try all the above!:)

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