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jessie981, Mar 18, 12:22am
anyone please

winnie231, Mar 18, 12:32am
Here's a link to 3, 4&5 ingredient cake thread: php? f=15&t=608

darlingmole, Mar 18, 4:43am
Yep I have one ... for TradeMe members only~!

1kg dried fruit (of your choice)
2 C orange juice OR 2 C strong black coffee (soak overnight)

Next day stir in
2 C flour
4 t Baking powder
1 t spice (or your choice; mixed or cinnamon? )

Pour into a greased tin and cook @ 180 deg C for 1-1/2hrs.

Turns out moist and freezes well.

ps:somepeople like the dried fruit soaked in sherry but I think that's a blatant waste of alcohol haha!

jessie981, Mar 18, 4:52am
Thanx this is the one I was looking for.

jessie981, Mar 18, 4:54am
thanx winnie, a couple of different varities on there.

duckmoon, Mar 18, 6:13am
the recipe I use:
1kg of dried fruit
150g bar of fruit and nut chocolate (I sometimes just add 150g choc chips)
2c strong coffee

soak fruit

mix in 2C SR flour.

Cook at 170 for approximately 50minutes

Believe it or not i got this recipe at Weight Watchers - their serving size is small though

senj, Mar 18, 6:46am

jessie981, Mar 18, 7:05am
Is this ok for a diabetic to eat?

barloo, Mar 19, 1:53am
oks! ! I have set it up and have 2 on the make (soaking fruit). Have pre mixed the dry and have that in a sealed container awaiting morning!

Going to try 1 and freeze the other for the easter show:)

doug57, Mar 19, 2:34am
I make the one with coffee in 2 loaf pans instead of a cake tin sometimes. . yummy sliced with butter! [never last long either, altho' it does freeze beautifully]

rainrain1, Mar 19, 2:45am
There are plenty of fruit cakes in recipes without having to make one! ! !

senj, Mar 19, 3:31am
Used brandy, whew dont light a match but very nice.
I felt it needed more flour or maybe I used too big a tin? who knows, who cares I shall just have to try again.

jessie981, Mar 19, 4:06am
Are you saying we're all nuts in here? ! ! !

rainrain1, Mar 19, 4:26am
Yes, including myself of course :-)

duckmoon, Mar 19, 8:23pm
how did the cake go... YUM

barloo, Mar 19, 10:35pm
Oks, my recommendations on this one.

I would use about 700 - 800g fruit and cover with baking powder to prevent burning of fruit.

I would also lower the oven temp too down to 150 - 160c

pour in, like not likely with my mix! It was very thick on fruit and not much cake batter!

But looks nice so awaits it to cool off so we can try:)

jessie981, Mar 19, 10:58pm
barloo, I have fruit soaking. Do use sprinkle the b/powder over while the fruit is soaking?

barloo, Mar 19, 11:57pm

Nope, add it with the flour and spice. (mixed together)

Oks, had a taste and would use say 700g dried fruit as this one using 1kg has too much fruit (even thou I LOVE sultanas)

I would also cook it in a 20cm tin, as I did it in one made out to about 27cm and it was a bit too thin.

I will cook again with paper sitting on top to stop the burning and the above notes I have posted.

Remember each oven is different so thats how I will do mine.

jessie981 let us know who yours goes! :)

senj, Mar 20, 5:29am
The kids demolished mine today, but they dont know that I stashed some in the freezer.
Yes every oven is different, I cooked mine at 160 deg for about 1-45min and it was bang on except being a bit thin, so will add more flour next time and there will be a next time.

jessie981, Mar 20, 7:57am
barloo just realised my fruit is only 400gr packet. Have taken some of the liquid out (used coffee as cake is for a diabetis & though fruit juice may be a 'no no') So guess I use only half the recipe? got a feeling tis cake is going to be a flop!

barloo, Mar 20, 8:22am

How did the mix feel jessie981? I would think it would be fine, just more "cake" and less fruit.

Whats the outcome?

jessie981, Mar 20, 8:42am
Still soaking for the bake up in the morning

barloo, Mar 20, 8:44am
awaits your post late morning then! ! Then the next post after your taste test:)

barloo, Mar 20, 8:48am
have made it many times, especially good when the cupboard it looking bare as it doesn't need butter or eggs.
In a bowl mix together
1. 5 cups flour
1. 5 tsp bp,
1. 5 cups coconut,
1 cup sugar,
1. 5 cups milk,
1 tsp vanilla essence.
I often add a couple of tablespoons of cocoa powder for a change.
Bake at 160-170 deg C for an hour or so.
* Quote sharrs

Now this looks like another goodie! !


I too have frozen down some sultana loaf for the lunchbox!

rozke, Mar 20, 11:58am
thanx for the link winnieCheers

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