Pea flour Gluten free baking flour mix

tarshlove, Jun 28, 10:40am
Anyone have one with pea, potato and arrowroot flour. I also have guar gum

pom-pom, Jun 29, 2:38am
What are you wanting to make? I guess you can mix it in any propartion and give your baking a go. However the channa (pea ) flour is very bitter so don't taste the mix until aftre it has been cooked! Personally I'd add brown rice and tapioca flour to any general All Purpose mix.

tarshlove, Jun 29, 2:49am
I'm wanting to make a cake or cup cakes. I have Arrowroot flour, potato flour, almond flour and pea flour. I don't really have the money to go out and buy more stuff. It's my daughters birthday party on Saturday.

frances1266, Jun 29, 3:33am
Do you have enough almond flour to make a cake.This works well, try google for a recipe.

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