White gravy for roast pork pie??

watertank1, Jun 13, 10:55pm
Can i please have a recipe/directions for a white gravy for a roast pork pie.I was going to just use bisto (brown) but hubby doesnt think that is good enough!! LOL

lythande1, Jun 14, 12:22am
White gravy???? Gravy is made from the leftover bits on the bottom of the pan, tip some vege water in, season and there you go.

kinna54, Jun 14, 12:24am
You need a light mix to go with pork, the light bisto would be better. Better still if wanting to "use a packet" buy the maggi gravy for pork sachet.(ooh deny I said that!..... I never use packets)

antoniab, Jun 14, 12:24am
I do this also but use a bit of cornflour with water to make it thicker for a pie

watertank1, Jun 14, 1:09am
ok, so its a bit late to make the gravy from the left over bits, as it was last nights dinner and i cut off All the fat before cooking....... we dont have a store bought "light" gravy and live to far away from town to be bothered to go and get some. So what can i use??? how do they make that really think creamy gravy in the chicken pies??? Thats what he wants.

kay141, Jun 14, 1:10am
Isn't that more of a white sauce? Gravy with milk instead of stock?

wasgonna, Jun 14, 1:23am
What if you put some chicken stock in a pot and stir in cornflour to thicken while heating on stove, then pour over pork in pie.

lythande1, Jun 14, 4:33am
Why not just do apple sauce then?

vintagekitty, Jun 14, 4:42am
well... I'd be telling him to cook it himself!

greerg, Jun 14, 5:17am
Make a roux sauce using chicken stock as most of the liquid and, if you have it, a little cream as the rest.Milkis fine, and probably healthier if you don't.Season to taste.I would sweat some onions and add them to the meat with any vegetables you want to include and herbs of your choice.Sage might be a good one for pork. I would make the sauce a fairly thick one and just bind the meat and vegetables with it as sauces often thin a bit as juice comes out of the meat as the pie cooks.That is probably less like to happen with cooked pork than with poached chicken which generally use.

watertank1, Jun 14, 6:45am
Well thanks everyone, i thought i would let you know that it turned out great!! I ended up making a "white sauce" and adding the same amount of chicken stock water as the milk, with pepper to taste.In the sheaded pork i added onion and mix vegies. Yes it was lovely and i will be making this again!! So thanks for all the tips and advice - Hubby folded up and put away washing to help:-)

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