Baking question

wildflower, May 31, 3:54am
Can you cook things like biscuits and brownies or cakes in the oven at the same time or do the more moist recipes stop the biscuits firming up?

lx4000, May 31, 5:18am
I would only cook things (baking) that takes the same time to cook. Opening the door during baking can cause baking flops!

rosathemad, May 31, 6:44am
I often double up, and am only careful about things that are a bit fussy, like pav, souffle or especially light cakes - though I do try to whip things in and out quickly if there's something else in the oven. I've never found moisture to be an issue with cakes and I have certainly done cakes and cookies together. :-)

wildflower, Jun 1, 4:12am
Thanks guys, much appreciated.

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