Recipes for 6-8 year olds

Does anyone have any quick recipes that could be made and ready to eat within around 45 mins for kids 6-8?I have to work out something to do with my wee girls brigade girls as a treat on Tuesday.Thanks very much in advance.

Chef_0nion, May 23, 8:34 am

Honey rice bubble bars?
Mini pizzas (they can put their own toppings on)
Shortbread (cut out their own shapes)
Gingerbread men (decorate their own)

Chef_norse_westie, May 23, 9:04 am

ANZAC biscuits

Chef_kendy2, May 23, 9:30 am

Pasta or Macaroni cheese, individual pita bread pizzas, pancakes,cupcakes (they could ice their own as well.)
The edmonds shrewsbury biccie recipe can be made in a ktchen whizz, and rolled out for use with cookie cutters. Depends how much oven space you have got, and how many children baking as well. Maybe take down a couple of microwaves and a recipe for microwave muffins, so everyone gets a turn.

Chef_kinna54, May 23, 7:14 pm