Breville cake mixer

falcon-hell, May 17, 5:28am
i have one of the new ones-where you can pick the colour you want,and its great,the only thing is when i use the scraper,it thumps quite a bit,as if it is hitting the side while scraping,i have talked to breville about this and they sent me another scraper,same thing happened,i have taken it to be looked at but the serviceman has talked to breville and they say its normal,has anyone else got one? i just don't think its right to thump like it is,and can't help but think the life of the machine could be at risk of being shortened cos it throws something out of alignment,any help greatly appreciated.

falcon-hell, May 18, 1:29am

falcon-hell, May 18, 4:38am
still bumping

tullyann, May 19, 4:19am
Honestly I would Bump it straight back and get another one , LV Martins are so great any Faults or if you are unsatisfied ,we only Deal with them !best of luck

sikofstuf, May 24, 12:03am
I have one two- I love it, but yes, mine does the same thing. I've not worried about it to be honest- I also had a breville similar, that I've had for 2 years, and I use them hard out everyday- still going! hehe- great products breville!

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