Caramel Cake Recipe

margaret185, May 8, 8:01am
I'm looking for an old-fashioned recipe for a caramel cake. It's based on a Victoria Sponge, but you make a caramel out of sugar and water and mix it in somehow.Has anyone heard of this or know how to do it?

rosathemad, May 8, 8:40am
My caramel cake recipe is a bit like that - the recipe/photos etc are here:

Does that look like what you're after? (by the way, the brown butter icing is just incredible - though the cake is nice on its own icing it with this stuff will make people swoon at your feet!)

margaret185, May 8, 9:27am
Thank you for that. It looks just like what I've been after. I'm going to give it a go tomorrow.

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