Birthday cake supplies help

blackbnz, Apr 28, 9:00pm
My 11yr old son want to make a fire truck for his brothers 3rd birthday.He has found an easy one on youtube but was wondering where to het the supplies?He needs a decorating spatula knife and some icing nozzles/tips and bag.We went to Spotlight yesterday and the tips alone were $22 then you had to buy the bag etc.We are new to this so does anyone know Anywhere cheaper we can go please?

nzl99, Apr 28, 10:11pm
You can get a cheapie piping kit from the supermarket for about $6... they have very strong 'plastic bag' piping bags and a few different plastic nozzles.All very re-useable if you take a bit of care with them. :-)They are usually by the sprinkles and baking decoration supplies.And a spatula should be found at the Warehouse...

pam.delilah, Apr 28, 10:28pm
great idea. They are called multix piping bags. Comes with 5 piping bags and 4 nozzles and a coupler. Also pop in to the wilton website for ideas and ways of decorating

blackbnz, Apr 28, 10:54pm
thanks all!Was starting tho think it would be cheaper to get one made!

nzl99, Apr 28, 11:04pm
Awesome about your 11year old wanting to make the cake!Take photos for us ;-)

blackbnz, Apr 29, 3:53am
lol..I am not sure about the whole thing as I will have to clean up the mess!Wish me luck!I will post pics once it is done..

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