Pie machine pastry cutter

krazy_kat, Apr 24, 5:24am
Hi all.I have lost my pastry cutter for my pie machine.Does anyone have one they don't use and would want to sell?I really would like one, but don't even think you can buy them seperatly.The machine is a sunbeam.Thanks.

marie196, Apr 24, 8:29pm

magenta, Apr 25, 1:01am
My pie maker is a Breville and I did not get any pastry cutters either.I use the plastic top off one of those cd/dvd storage cases you get with the spindle in the middle.Just cut off the lugs on the side and is just the right size.For the top I use the lid off my yogurt maker!

el.ken, Apr 26, 11:04am
I lost my pie cutters too , so I went into mitre 10 and they sent to Auckland for the set . Mine was also a sunbeam .

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