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pom-pom, Apr 19, 9:01am
I have just had my 9 year old daughter diagnosed coeliac and whilst she is awaiting biopsy and still having to keep on gluten so as not to muck up results (poor thing) I have been practising GF baking in anticipation with very mixed results. I am fine with main meals but I'm after lunchbox snacks, small cakes (that rise and don't crumble) and soft breads (if there is such a thing). I seem to have managed to make a rice tortila wrap that tastes good for 'sandwiches' but a lot of baking (including the most revolting banana buckwheat pancakes) is going to end up being fed to the ducks. Does buckwheat taste good in anything really? Oh and I licked the biscuit batter spoon with soy flour in the mix and nearly threw up - yuk. Soy flour was fine cooked though but the days of kiddo licking the bowl out seem to have gone? Any suggestions...........?!!!

angie461, Apr 19, 7:38pm
You can make a very thin omelette which is great place of a wrap. I also grate potato (squeeze out the liquid, mix with cheese egg sp onionseasoning and cook in toastie maker, a bit like a toastie. I think it is trial and error with the baking but I have learnt an extra egg is good and to cook longer and slower, also adding stewed apples seems to work well.

pom-pom, Apr 19, 11:47pm
Thank you angie for these tips. I think it is an issue with moisture and binding. Biscuits seems OK if you want crunchy ones but it's the 'soft' baking I'm having problems with!

mbos, Apr 20, 3:11am
Have you tried making a chocolate brownie?

I just replace the flour with gluten free flour, and it is gorgeous - even non gf people love it.

I also do the same thing with my choc chip cookies, and my ginger and raisin cookies, as with my banana bread.

I use the Orgran and the Bakells flours.

shelley39, Apr 20, 4:44am
I have made alot of biscuits and they all turn out great.Replace the flour with Gluten free flour. I am the only one in our family that is GF but the kids always like the GF biscuits better.some go a bit crumbly like the yo yosor melting moments but put them together with passionfruit icing they are delicious

angie461, Apr 20, 6:33pm
Would you share the ginger and raisen cookie recipe it sounds good.

lakestar, Apr 21, 1:38am
with gluten free baking you have to be a bit clever with ingredients to get good binding quality. many of the flours are best mixed with BOILING water. just boil the jug and put the water component of the recipe right on to the flour. make sure you do not put the egg component in while it is still hot!

once dough is mixed putting it into the freezer also increases binding qualities. you can roll dough into a cylinder and put it int he freezer [ covered] and then pull it out and cut it into slices to make the round biscuits.

eggs or dates also add to the binding qualities of a recipe.

pom-pom, Apr 23, 6:32am
Great tips everyone and yes I have made fantastic gluten free chocolate brownies this weekend - hooray!. Ginger and raisin cookies do sound good so if you have the recipe for these mbos, I'd love it! Thank you T-M peeps!!

irishdymonz, Apr 23, 12:02pm
I cheat by always having Bakels GF baking mix in the cupboard.I have found it the most reliable for cup-for-cup substitution in baking.One thing I regularly make is banana muffins.I use the Edmonds cookbook banana cake recipe, substitute the flour for Bakels and pour into a muffin pan rather than a cake tin.I then freeze them and pop on into my lunch for morning tea at work, they thaw beautifully.There are several "standard" recipes that I have modified like this successfully.Louise cake and shortbread work well.

earthangel4, Apr 23, 8:33pm
Yes I find bakels flour the best,and makes lovely scones,muffins,ect.

nzbadger, Apr 23, 8:51pm
Yes I have found Bakels great too. Here is Ginger Crunch that I have modified since being GF 8 mths ago. Its nicer than the oiginal recipe according to my friends.:-)
Ginger Crunch (GF)

250g butter
250 g sugar
400 g gluten free flour
2 tbsp ground ginger
2 tsp gluten free baking powder
4 tbsp preserved ginger - finely chopped
For the icing:
100gms Butter
180gmsicing sugar (GF)
4 tbsp golden syrup
4 tsp ground ginger
Pre set oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
Cream butter and sugar, then sifted dry ingredients - knead well.
Add chopped gingerPress into greased shallow tin (31cms x 20cms)
Bake 20 mins. Allow to cool & settle then:
For icing:
Into a pot add butter, icing sugar golden syrup and ground ginger.
Heat until melted then pour over hot slice.
Cut into squares before it gets cold

pom-pom, Apr 23, 10:53pm
Ooh thank you for these - please keep them coming!! I tried to make GF gingerbread men but they didn't work!! However, instead the recipe turned out just like perfect ginger kisses! Melt 150g brown sugar, 100g margarine (or dairy free) and 4 generous tbsp golden syrup together and add 1 tsp bicarb, 1/2 tsp xanthan gum, 1 tsp ginger, 1 egg, 200g gluten free all purpose flour and 75- 100g brown rice flour. This ends up like a very sticky dough which you can roll ito balls in your hands (but certainly not roll into a flat pastry dough to cut out for gingerbread men!). Bake 180 degrees for about 15 mins. Cool and sandwich together.

nzbadger, Apr 23, 11:15pm
OK. Here is my Afghan's Recipe.They are better then 'normal' flour ones:-)
Afghans GF
180gms softened Butter
½ cup brown sugar
½ tsp Vanilla essence
1 ½ cup GF Flour
3 tablespoons sifted cocoa
½ tsp baking powder
2 cups GF Cornflakes, crunched up roughly( I use Freedom)

3 tablespoons Melted butter
3 tablespoons Sifted cocoa
1 ½ cups sifted icing sugar
1/2tsp vanilla essence
1 – 2 tablespoons warm water(optional)
Walnuts for the top
Oven180 C. Line a baking tray with Baking paper.
Cream butter & sugar & vanilla essence until light & fluffy. Sift over the flour cocoa & baking powder. Add corn flakes until well combined. Place tablespoons full onto tray. Flatten slightly with a fork. Bake 20mins. Leave to cool on tray.
Mix icing ingredients well. Put on top & push a walnut into icing.

nzbadger, Apr 23, 11:46pm
Just made these: YUMMY!
Chocolate Ramekin Puddings (GF)
100gms Whittakers 50 % Cocoa Dark Block Chocolate
100gms Butter
1 tablespoon GF Cocoa
3 egg yolks
¾ tsp vanilla essence
85gms sugar
Pinch of salt
3 egg whites
Oven to 180C.
Put Chopped up chocolate & Butter into a double boiler & melt.
Add sieved cocoa powder & mix well & put to one side.
In a medium bowl mix the egg yolks, vanilla, sugar & salt. Beat for 2 – 3 mins.
Slowly whisk in the chocolate mixture into the egg yolk mix until well combined.
In another bowl beat the 3 egg whites until dry & stiff.
Now fold the egg whites gently into the chocolate mix bit by bit until combined.
Divide into 4 ramekin dishes that have been oiled.
Place these into a dish of warm water that comes half way up the ramekin sides. Place in oven for 35 – 40mins.May need to cover with tinfoil if tops are getting too brown. Serve warm with Cream & grated chocolate or berries etc.
Nice & soft & gooey in the centre.

nzbadger, Apr 23, 11:54pm
I thought this info my be of use to some people also. Can't remember where I got it from. :-) I cut & paste all the time & have made up documents with GF info etc. Cheers
Eating Out on a GF Diet
More and more pizza places are becoming gluten conscious. If making a booking, call ahead to ensure there are gluten free bases available. Hells Pizza, La Porchetta, Gina’s, Il Buco and now Dominos all have gluten free options. Just make sure your toppings are also gluten free.
Most Indian food is gluten free. You can even have pappadums!
Just steer clear of the breads and deep fried starters and you should be ok.
Thai food is also mostly gluten free. If you want to order a noodle based dish make sure you ask for rice noodles. Again, say no to those deep fried starters.
Be wary of tortillas! CHECK with the kitchen as to what their burittos are made from as the supermarket brands contain wheat. You should be able to get the kitchen to make a simple dish on rice if their tortillas aren’t made from corn.
If you want to eat this cuisine, you have to have a lot of faith in your communication skills (and your local takeaways). Ask for no MSG, choose dishes on rice, or rice noodles and avoid battered options like sweet & sour pork. Remember, soy sauce is made from wheat, so it’s safest to ask for an unseasoned meal.
Burger Fuel, Burger Wisconsin, Murder Burger, The Chip Shop are all safe. Just make sure you check your fillings are also gluten free.

Falafel, hummus, salads and rice are gluten free. So you can definitely find a meal at a Turkish restaurant. Avoid breads, and if you want other sauces, check if they are gluten free first. Always ask about the meat before ordering – some places combine with breadcrumbs.
Fish & Chips
The problem with chips is cross contamination – so these are totally out for coeliacs unless you make them yourself at home or go to The Chip Shop in Royal Oak. Grilled fish should be ok, but almost everything else is a no go zone.
Beware of sushi! It’s not just the soy sauce, check which vinegar they use to cook the rice with. Avoid all noodles, tempura and dumplings and check about sauces and condiments before ordering. Wagamamas is a good place to go.
Stick to simple dishes. Most decent places will make you a simple meal like steak with steamed vegetables. Be sure to let the chef know you are gluten intolerant to ensure they take the best care with your meal.
In general...
Keep ordering simple. If you want a sauce, check whether it is safe with the kitchen. Avoid breads, pastas, crumbed or battered foods, noodles and MSG. Order simple and satisfying dishes – non processed meats, vegetables, legumes, rice, tofu, fruits and cheeses are fine to eat. If you can, call and ask ahead. The kitchen will be easier to deal with if they’re prepared.
If you have coeliacs, or are very gluten intolerant it is always best to let staff know.Most people are still not aware of issues around cross contamination and will not even think twice about re-using a knife, or putting your gluten free bread into their normal toaster.Just let them know.Explain that it is a serious allergy which can make you very ill.This way you can feel more confident about how safe your food is, and they will know more for next time.

irishdymonz, Apr 24, 1:10am
Oooooh dear.I knew I should have stayed out of here today!YUM!

nzbadger, Apr 24, 4:03am
It's Easter!! :-) No Calores at EASTER!!:-)

pom-pom, Apr 24, 6:32am
Great tips everyone and yes I have made fantastic gluten free chocolate brownies this weekend - hooray!. Ginger and raisin cookies do sound good so if you have the recipe for these mbos, I'd love it! Thank you T-M peeps!

shelley39, Apr 24, 6:54am
Thanks Nzbadger,I live Indian food and I never have a reaction when I eat it.

pom-pom, Apr 24, 7:12am
Thank you NZ Badger for all your useful tips. I am glad I started this thread. I was feeling a bit on my own since my poor wee one got diagnosed and she's been so poorly we just want to get her better and have lots of lovely things ready that she can eat and enjoy. Please please keep the ideas coming. I have a huge file building and will share the successes as I make them (hopefully!) Definitely going to make Afghans and Ginger Crunch.

nzbadger, Apr 24, 8:21am
Hi, Yes its VERY daunting at first, but once I changed my Pantry to GF:(Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Custard Powder, Cocoa, Cornflour, Icing Sugar, Stocks, Worcestshire sauce, Soy sauce etc) I have found it easier. There is lots of reading the small print list of ingredients thats for sure.
My treats are Jelly Tip ice creams. :-) lots of the Ice creams are GF( ones with sauces & oreos etc of course are usually not GF)
My snacks are nuts, Rice crackers( love the new 'peckish' range that New World have)fruits, dried fruits & fudge is my big treat occasionally.
You will be surprised at how many things she can eat. :-)

nzbadger, Apr 24, 8:28am
Tips and Tricks for baking with Gluten Free Ingredients
Gluten free flours have no natural binder in them. Use vegetable gums such as Xanthan or Guar – ½ tsp per cup of flour. A mixture of both gums works best.
When using gluten free flours always replace the sugar in a recipe with caster sugar. It works better with the finer flours.
Gluten free flours are drier than wheat flour so you often need to add more moisture in arecipe. Simply use a little more butter, oil, milk or whatever the recipe already contains.
Measurements are vital when baking gluten free. If you are used to throwing in a bit of this and a bit of that you may need to be more careful. A tiny amount out and a recipe will fail.
Freeze gluten free muffins, cakes and scones the day they are baked if not eaten. They will defrost perfectly, but will go stale quickly if left out.
Make double batches every time you cook and freeze one – you will be grateful for unexpected guests, lunchboxes or the many GF food emergencies.
Gluten Free pastry can be quite crumbly.If you can't just press it into a pie tin base, roll between sheets of waxed baking paper - this prevents it from sticking to the rolling pin and falling apart.

irishdymonz, Apr 24, 8:31am
nzbadger, what do you use to make GF pastry?I have used the Bakels pastry mix which is great for mini quiches, but it wasn't so hot for making flakey pastry.I haven't tried anything else yet.Do you have a make-it-yourself alternative?I often find I can't get the pastry mix when I want it!

nzbadger, Apr 24, 8:34am

I have only used the Packet Pastry mixes. Don't do a lot of Pastry cooking so haven't tried DIY. Maybe someone else may put one up?Cheers

nzbadger, Apr 24, 8:35am
I did have this one in my book but haven't tried it...
Pastry (GF)

1 cup GF flour mix
1/2 tsp b powder
1/2 tsp salt
60g butter cold cut into cubes
1 c tasty grated cheese
1 c cold mashed potato
1 egg white

Place flour, baking powder and salt in a food processor, pulse to combine. Add butter and cheese and process until breadcrumb stage. Add the potato and the egg white and pulse until the dough starts to come together. Remove from the processor and mould into a ball. Roll out on silicone mat or baking paper. Cut to required size and bake. Sometimes I put into fridge first then just press into tin and up sides. This also make nice cracker biscuits.

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