Baking recipes using red guavas from my tree

510, Apr 18, 11:32pm
I have googled and looked on the TM recipes site butIhaven't found any. I could subsitute other fruit in other recipes but guavas are an un usual taste, & query would have to change the amount of sugar.I am about to bake a fejoa cake but I would also like to use up some guavas. TIA

bearskin, Apr 19, 2:46am
Guavas make a nice jelly - think Crab Apple jelly, but using the fruit from your Guava tree. The colour is exceptional, and it is awesome with Roast meat - and I tend to add a spoonful to gravy or sauces

510, Apr 19, 9:09am

jenner4, Apr 19, 10:09am
Guava Jelly , use it on icecream , on toast, with roast pork , with cheese on a cracker , or get me to come eat them , or sale them on here

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