best icing for banana cake

virea, Mar 13, 12:12am
Hi. I like lemon icing on banana cake the best. ( some grated rind and juice)

cookessentials, Mar 13, 12:15am
Yes me too or a plain vanilla butter icing.

vinee, Mar 13, 12:27am
LEMON all the way!

Choc is horibble on banana cake.

But if it's for an unruly crowd who will whinge and sulk if you dont have what they like - I have done a half and half. It looks quite pretty actually, I wiggle a skewer down the middle a bit to make a nice join. and there's always someone who likes the middle bits!

jessie981, Mar 13, 12:41am
yum could go a big slice now

kiwi.adventures, Mar 13, 12:48am
Passionfruit icing ofcourse!

andrea1978, Mar 13, 6:45am
lemon or chocolate!

dms01, Mar 13, 7:42am
I like lemon myself but I have done white chocolate to great acclaim

nzhel, Mar 13, 1:03pm
Definitely lemon! and made with real juice not the flavouring!

bedazzledjewels, Mar 13, 6:00pm
A lemon girl here too - if I ate it anymore that is!

maximus44, Mar 13, 7:51pm
Cream cheese icing is nice too.

bedazzledjewels, Mar 13, 7:58pm
Just thinking - I do occasionally! A caramel icing would be nice - a bit like banoffee pie flavour!

daleaway, Mar 13, 11:07pm
Another vote for lemon or orange.

kiwi.adventures, Mar 13, 11:55pm
passionfruit is the best

tinkerbell103, Mar 14, 1:17am
I like lemon. . using a lemon with a little rind. . I have also used pineapple juice. . yummy. .

27pukeko, Mar 14, 5:11am
milo icing

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