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cap, Sep 23, 3:43am
Is there a magic trick?I seem to pull half the white off with the shell!Thanks.

cap, Sep 23, 3:44am
And is peeling the correct term? Hmmmm....De-shelling?

redrustie, Sep 23, 3:44am
Put the eggs into cold water after boiling

chirpygirl, Sep 23, 3:45am
Make sure they are at least 3 days old.

cap, Sep 23, 3:45am
I always do that but still have no joy Maybe I am letting them get too cold?

cap, Sep 23, 3:46am
Yep and they would be at least that old .

winnie231, Sep 23, 3:50am
cap - do you pierce a hole in the 'flat' end of the eggs with a pin before boiling? This helps stop them from cracking & I reckon it makes peeking them easier too. And when peeling - tap the egg all over then roll back& forwards on the bench under your palm. The shell should come off easily then.

cap, Sep 23, 3:53am
Thanks Winnie Have never tried the prick before.I don't seem to have a problem with the shell cracking and I do roll them around afterwards before peeling so maybe the pin prick could be the key.

littlebracken, Sep 23, 3:53am
The way I always do it is wait till they are cool - just keep cold running water over them in the pan for a minute or two - then on a piece of kitchen towel, just gently bang them and crack the shells then gently peel off. No problem - if you do have a little shell left on just wipe off with a damp piece of kitchen towel.

cap, Sep 23, 4:11am
That's exactly what I do and used to be able to peel them with no problems but lately it's been a disaster!

illusion_, Sep 23, 4:15am
use old eggs, pin-prick the round end just cover with cold water and rapidly bring to the boil, remove from heat and let stand (lid on pot) for 5 minutes (time it), run under cold water until eggs are cold, crack and roll eggs around to crack really well, shell under cold running water.

cap, Sep 23, 4:17am
Ok - thanks guys Will try the prick next time!

illusion_, Sep 23, 4:42am
the prick thing there is an air sac in the round end. prick through into that. when cooking the air bubbles out, when cooling it sucks water in and under the membrane between the shell and the egg - thereby helping with peeling the shell off

gresteven, Sep 23, 4:50am
Strange,I was going to ask this exact question the other day. I boiled 8 eggs and half peeled like a dream. The other half were really annoying as big chunks of egg came off with the shell. All free range from the same box!

edjill41, Sep 23, 5:20am
under running water Saw this on TV celebrity chefs -- Just peel them under the cold running tap. Works a treat

debudder, Sep 23, 5:22am
I crack the shell then use a teaspoon seems to work alright

uli, Sep 23, 8:47am
Happens all the time with fresh eggs. I never boil mine if I don't have some that are at least a week old. Too much waste.

valentino, Sep 23, 8:51am
Noticed in recent times that about half of the store purchased eggs de-shell very easy whilst the other half can be a real pain, picking of bit by bit, also seems to be the real darkisk brown ones as well, the lighter browns are okay along with white ones. It does not matter what trick one tries to use.... Cheers.

zacnat, Sep 23, 9:11am
Under running water is the best. And don't let the eggs sit too long before peeling.I use to have to peel about 12 dozen at a time....

addington261, Sep 23, 10:48am

gypsy11, Sep 23, 10:56am
In a bowl of water Once cooled peel in a bowl of cold water. Shells should slip off easy. Just crack the shell first, just gently though and then peel.

davidt4, Sep 23, 9:32pm
Peeling eggs The freshness of the eggs makes a huge difference - the freasher they are the tighter the shell and membrane cling to the white.It helps if as soon as they are cooked you tap each egg all over to crack it finely then leave in cold water for a few minutes.Very fresh eggs are almost almost impossible to peel cleanly, but you can console yourself with the pleasure of having something so lovely and fresh to eat...

cap, Sep 23, 10:17pm
That youtube link "cracked" me up - too funny! I feel like boiling some eggs just to try it and I had laugh at the comments - someone commented about burnt lips.Anyway thanks for all the tips everyone.

cap, Sep 25, 10:43pm
Well I got to test it out today Boiled 3 eggs.Couldn't prick one of them so marked it with a pen so I could compare.It was slightly easier to shell the pricked ones but not a huge difference.Peeling them under running water helped and so did getting my thumb under the membrane and slowly pushing the shell away.Definitely a better result than I usually get so once again - thanks!

illusion_, Sep 25, 10:44pm
getting, and keeping, water under that membrane is a major help

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