Anyone on optifast

morning ladies,

once again, I will harp back to what the dietician told me, fruit is ok on optifast. I have had 2 pieces every single day since I first started optifast. But, like I have said previously I didn't live hard and fast to the "rules".
I always incorporated normal foods in my everyday diet.
The other thing the dietician was concerned about with just having opti was that I wouldn't be getting enough vitamins. I take a vitamin supplement each day now.

Today was another good reading day from my scales.long may it continue.
I think being more active now is also helping

Chef_dorothy_vdh, Sep 9, 7:43 am

Having a giggle about the scales. Back when I was on Reductil I actually got a permanent marker pen and drew around the scales on the bathroom floor...much to MrRickP's horror but it was the only way I could ensure an accurate reading everyday! I did however, make sure that when I drew around it that it was in a "favourable" position!! Had a day or two of cravings and gave in to those cravings but now 100% back on track. Just 2 opti's for me this week, I did 3 last week. Radius had $15 off purchases yesterday so I mad sure I got my moneys worth by getting 2 boxes of choc shakes and a box of choc bars lol!!! Have a great day everyone, I am hoping that the weather holds off till tonight so I can pop my shoes on and walk to MrRicks work. I'm not into walking in the rain, I might melt lol. Over and out for now!

Chef_mrsrickp, Sep 9, 7:53 am

ok after playing around with the friggin floor, I decided to take the reading off the area that I remember weighing on for the majority of this journey....its weird, I wonder if a new battery would help??

Anyway I still cannot see it sliding off maybe a little bit from all over but I cannot see the amount that the scales show, maybe I will in 10kgs time since I had such a lot to loose.Anyway even the worst reading today is still a very very good result of 4.3kgs = 16.8kgs in total now.My coat is real loose I noticed when it rained the other daylol.

Dorothy I hoped you would mention the fruit cos I read that its not good on the strict opti plan but like you I have adapted mine to 2 optis and a normal lowish carb family meal and its working so I dont want to get too pedantic about it.I am just pleased the boss decided to buy fruit and leave it in the staffroom for us all to snack on, really nice gesture I thought.Might have to brave the kiwifruit there (dont like kiwifruit much)...cannot wait for it to drop off that "spare tyre" before your waist but below your bust, that is the hardest part about weigh gain is that problem area very hard to disguise!!Thank you all for your support, last week was a toughie, had a flat day where felt a bit disillusioned but wouldnt allow myself to fall off the wagon just carried on thinking this must be normal

Have a great day everyone

Chef_read-a-holic, Sep 9, 8:07 am

16.8 - ka mau te wehi!(Awesome)Welldone.

Chef_gardie, Sep 9, 3:09 pm

its not been easy though!!my friends are having delectable sweet treats and I have water or vegeshaha

I hope the next 10kgs make it more obvious to me, other people comment but I am the one in disbelief as I guess you can never really see it on yourself til you hit a certain amount.

Having a night at home tonight (its a coro nighthehe) so no gym for me, will do my 20mins on the treadmill before bed though

Chef_read-a-holic, Sep 9, 3:52 pm

I'm not sure after being big for so long that you ever believe it.
I'm still shocked when I see a reflection of myself and disbelieve its me.
I have to say that this happened to me today and I'm being honest here thought to myself you don't look half bad.

Going back to work is really boosting my self esteem, customers that I haven't seen in a while have noticed a difference in me, and are paying me compliments. Sometimes that's all you need to get through a day.

On the down side of working in a cafe the owners keep offering me tit bits to try,so far I have been very restrained, long may that last.

I hope everyone has had a great day

Chef_dorothy_vdh, Sep 9, 4:42 pm

Oh Dorothy - that is wonderful.I'm hoping that after 49 years, I too will be surprised every time I look in the mirror.I find even now after my 10kg loss, that i enjoy looking at my trim(mer) tum!

I have not found sweet treats a problem - I think because the shakes are sweet.I may have the inner out of a sausage roll, of the bacon and egg bit of a b&e pie, but I don't miss the sweet stuff.I've even managed to bake and haven't even tried it.Chocolate is a bit downfall for me and thanks to Optifast, I still get my chocolate fix - has been my saving grace, I'm sure.

The other thing I tried readaholic, is to mimic the actions of the slimmer and fittest person in the room. - They are so NOT obsessed with the food table - oh to be like that for ever!

Chef_gardie, Sep 9, 5:41 pm

first day yesterday - down 600grams this morning ( not that I will weigh myself every day lol) I have a strawberry shake for brekkie, a cappuccino bar at lunch and a chokky milkshake at dinner. I will add in a soup i think ( the vege is the nicest apparently) drinking the water no problems ( i do however have one coffee first thing in the morning with a little milk) I find the chokky shake is a bit powdery tasting whereas the strawb is yummy - I always put ice into the blender along with the water and powder)

Chef_cookessentials, Nov 3, 12:17 pm

Just wonder where is the best place online to buy the product from, i did see it somewhere in this thread a couple of months ago, but cant remember now?

Seeing the diabeties nurse next wednesday to sort my insulin out, then i'm going to starting on Optifast.

Though our local chemist sells a box of 21 shakes for $90, so i wont be buying it through them.

Chef_smf, Nov 4, 8:59 am

smf ask your diabeties nurse if they have an Adult Weight Mangemant clinic attached to the diabetic clinic. We have one here in the Waikato and I having been going to that for 12 weeks and its great. We did optifast for 6 weeks then slowly got reintroduced to real food so now we are all on full food using the optifast as a tool if we need to. We get to purchase the optifast at a reduced rate, get full medical backing for 2 years. I am not diabetic but was able to get on the course because I have a heart problem. Good luck

Chef_fourz, Nov 4, 10:15 am

smf, thats way too expensive. I buy from radius pharmacy on line and pay between $50 and $60 per box of choc shakes depending on whether they have a special deal going

Chef_dorothy_vdh, Nov 4, 5:03 pm

Yeah, I buy online too from Radius. Currently a box of 21 shakes is $49. You can get it from the warehouse pharmacy for $55 I think.

Meant to note that I have lost 800g this week. Can't recall if I have mentioned it. So thats 6. 4kg's in 4 weeks and dropped a 1 dress size too :) 15kg's to go.

Chef_nhill1, Nov 4, 7:32 pm

Well done nhill. Have just finished day three and down 2kg's - feeling fine -looking forward to dropping that dress size!

Chef_cookessentials, Nov 5, 6:39 am

I DO have one coffee each morning ( with a dash of milk) apart from that, I have a sachet in the morning, a bar at lunch ( I love the capuccino) and a sachet when I get home at night, then I prepare Brian's dinner ( I find it better to have a full tummy while cooking) when I serve his dinner, that is when I have my vege - last night I had quick stir-fried veg ( carrot, green beans, onion, brocolli and mushrooms) with a little tamari - it was very tasty.

Chef_cookessentials, Nov 5, 6:43 am

well done everyone with your own success stories.

I am very pleased with myself, refocusing after just plodding along for a few weeks I lost 1. 7 kilos this week so that now takes me past the 45 kilo mark.
The goal I had set myself to reach by Christmas now seems reachable

Chef_dorothy_vdh, Nov 5, 7:34 am

Well done Dorothy - I get mine from Radius online as well. Just ordered the vege soup, the capuccino bars and shake, the strawberry shake ( which I love) and the chokky/fruit bars. i like to have a variety, then no room for boredom I guess LOL

Chef_cookessentials, Nov 5, 8:59 am

I'm going to join you, I'm off to the Warehouse later today to buy my first pack, I'm really quite excited

Chef_crails, Nov 5, 11:25 am

Hi Dorothy, just wanted to say I was inspired by your posts several weeks ago and started on Optifast. You seemed to take such a practical approach. You made me believe it was possible and it really is working. I feel more energetic, happy and more in control of my choices now. Thanks :)

Chef_thatbluedog, Nov 7, 9:23 am

Bumping this is great thread thanks

Chef_bigwheel, Nov 7, 2:27 pm

Thanks bluedog, i'm not quite sure what to say. But if I have inspired you then thats fantastic
For me it was, and is a lifestyle change, so nothing is really taboo, if I want something "naughty" its about moderation.
I too have much more energy , self confidence, and enjoy life a whole lot more as well

I have had my ups and downs but I guess that to is to be expected. I'm really pleased with myself and will reach my goals, my Christmas goal is only 3 kilos away now, if I lose more then thats great
Clothes shopping is a great thrill now, not depressing like it used to be, but the most exciting and don't laugh at this is to be able to buy (blushes) sexyishknickers and not granny bloomers.

Chef_dorothy_vdh, Nov 7, 8:34 pm

Definately understand that. Im saving the underwear shopping for a treat when Ive got to my first goal weight. Hopefully before Christmas, but Im not going to mind if it takes a little longer.

Yes, Im thinking moderation is the key. I always tried to diet so strictly in the past and if I ate something bad I gave up. But this time ate chinese takeaways for a birthday the other day and then straight back being good. Have lost lots of inches this week and feel like I won lotto, well maybe not the big prize, but definately a minor win.

You have done so well with your weight loss. You must be feeling amazing. Hope this weeks a good one for you :)

Chef_thatbluedog, Nov 8, 7:07 am

Will have been on it a full week on Tuesday, so far 3 kg's down and feeling good. Make sure I have a good variety of the options including the vege.

Chef_cookessentials, Nov 8, 7:40 pm

Started on Optifast this morning with a chocolate shake and have had my first 500ml of water, i'm not hungry but do want to nibble how have you broken the nibbling habit?

Chef_crails, Nov 9, 10:25 am

Distraction works for me. Have started doing a lot more gardening and going on Farmville. Sometimes I have something small like a rice cracker or a couple of strawberries. Ive only been doing Optifast for three weeks but wanting to nibble gets easier. I think Im just getting out of the habit:) . Has made me realise how much I nibbled before.

Chef_thatbluedog, Nov 9, 6:53 pm

not sure if this has been posted yet but you can also get optifast from this website
21X40g. aspx? prod=44613&cid=3855&rcid=42 and you can combine the shipping for same shipping price.

Chef_janeygirl, Nov 9, 7:27 pm

if that link doesnt work go to health and beauty and weight loss

Chef_janeygirl, Nov 9, 7:28 pm

Have had no problems re nibbling. Because I am in the shop all day, there is no temptation. I have a cup of tea at lunch ( no milk) along with the capuccino bar. I make sure I have plenty of water too. When I get home, I have a shake ( a blender does a fabulous job of mixing it well) then I make my husbands dinner and do my vege than and have those when he has his dinner. I have a good selection of product and have the choc, strawberry and coffee shake, the chock pudding, the vege soup and one pack each of the capuccino and fruity choc bars.

Chef_cookessentials, Nov 9, 9:32 pm

morning everyone, its really great to see more posters in here. Good luck to you all with your journey.

I must admit that I find nibbling a very BIG temptation, I work at a cafe/bakery so it can definitely have its moments.
I have exactly 3 kilos to lose to achieve the weight I want to at least be at , by Christmas

Chef_dorothy_vdh, Nov 10, 7:27 am

As excited as I was yesterday about starting the programme I did find it difficult as the day went on I was sooo hungry as my hobby is food. I haven't weighed myself as I'm sure the scales will say '1 person at a time', I did measure myself and have lost 1cm across bust, waist and hips, hooray I'm melting away. I'll get some gum at the shops and see if that helps with my nibbling urge

Chef_crails, Nov 10, 7:47 am

make sure the gum is sugar free... . and well done to everyone! Push through the first and 2nd week. It gets easier from then onwards like you don't even think about it anymore!

Chef_nhill1, Nov 10, 8:46 am

Well, that is my first week under my belt with a 4. 4kg loss. I had a slight headache on day two but have been fine since. i very rarely get hungry. This morning I had the coffee milkshake - YUMMO! and i have a berry bar for lunch. i do some great vege at night - sauteed onion, asparagus (done for 3 mins in microwave first), chunky pieces of mushroom, garlic and then some Thai lime/chilli sauce sprinkled on the top - it's divine.

Chef_cookessentials, Nov 10, 9:41 am

oh thanks for that, I haven't had a spontaneous laugh like that since I lost my job 3 months ago, but all good, found another so hopefully will be back on o. f soon enough.

Chef_sceans1508, Nov 10, 11:34 am

5. 2 kg's now. We had an invitation out for dinner last night but i think i did ok. I did not have my evening shake and had a thai soup for entree-which was basically a broth with vegetables in it and chilli, then had an entree for main which was about 6 tiger prawns on taro vermicelli and about 4 glasses of water. i managed a 200g loss so I was fine with that, then straight back into it this morning. If you have not tried the coffee shake, it is WELL worth trying, i love it and the strawberry one.

Chef_cookessentials, Nov 12, 4:51 pm

Weigh in on Tuesday was a 900g loss, I haven't been at this weight since 2006!

Chef_nhill1, Nov 12, 6:24 pm

its awesome, i had a gastric bypas. . and thye put you on opti fast poir to surgery! lost 9kgs in 3 weeks...

Chef_blondie208, Nov 12, 8:03 pm

well done nhill1! it is a good feeling isn't it?

Chef_cookessentials, Nov 12, 9:53 pm

I sucumbed to bacon and eggs on Wednesday morning, the side effects were not pleasant. I've learnt my lesson and will keep fat intake to the absolute minimum

Chef_crails, Nov 13, 1:12 pm

I am about to start Optifast and I have a total of 10-15kg's to reach my goal weight after having a baby 2 years ago. I am quite scared to do this because I am afraid once I go off it then I will put it all back on once I start eating normal food again. Also, how long do I do the 3 meals a day to lose this amount of weight... . at what stage do I know when to introduce the first light meal, then the next? hopefully one of you regulars can help me here? ? thanks! ! !

Chef_sarah531, Nov 13, 8:13 pm

I guess it depends on how quickly you lose the weight. You MUST do a maintenance plan and also, you say abut being afraid of putting it all back on once you go back to "normal" eating. If you go back to eating the way you ate before, it is likely you WILL put it on. As with any weight loss, you need to change the bad eating habits that got you overweight in the first place. I have been on the programme 11 days now with a 5. 8kg loss so far, I have had one meal out in that time(see above) but I was very mindful of what I ate.

Chef_cookessentials, Nov 14, 8:06 am

sarah, its a lifestyle change, yes you will lose the weight on optifast but if you don't change your lifestyle then ultimately nothing really changes.

I have been on optifast for about 18 months I always have a shake for breakfastoccasionally I replace lunch but not every day sometimes not even once in a month.
My way of thinking, right from the beginning was that I wasn't going to be on optifast for the rest of my life, so I needed to change my eating habits With the help of a dietitian and optifast I have learnt what I can eat and what foods I put weight on from. Every one is different and different foods will effect each of us differently. eg I eat very little in the way of carbohydrates now, because if I do then up goes my weight. I'm not saying I never have for example a slice of bread. I just don't have it very often
I have lost 46 kilos over this time. I still have treats, I still go out to dinner but they are not every day things and I choose more wisely now.

Good luck with your journey

Chef_dorothy_vdh, Nov 14, 7:18 pm

just bumping us, but whiskey are you ok? I haven't seen you in here for a while now

Chef_dorothy_vdh, Nov 17, 7:23 am

Hi dorothy. No I'm not ok. I'm starting to lose focus. I do really well one week and then it all falls apart the next week. I'm really good eating wise during the day and i throw a shake or bar in my bag for tea at work(plus a piece of fruit or home made muffin for smoko)and i get home at midnite absolutely starving. I have a tall glass of water as soon as i get home and wait half an hour, but it's no good. I found a packet of girl guide bikkies the other day and ate to whole thing. ( no wonder I'm not losing it like the rest of you, 100-200gms per week is all i can manage)I've been on here to read how everyone is doing but i haven't been able to bring myself to post anything(until now)Am thinking of giving celebrity slim a go. Has a lot more variety of favours and is cheaper.

Chef_whiskey13, Nov 17, 1:20 pm

Hey whiskey, you have been an inspiration, don't lose focus now. You CAn do this. How about saving your shake to have just before you leave work or have it when you get home so you are not so hungry? Make yourself a BIG salad to munch on at work along with your other bits for smoko and keep the shake for later in the evening so you dont get those cravings after midnight. I have just got week two under my belt with a 1. 8kg loss, so 6. 2 all together for the two weeks. I guess it starts toslow a little from now?

Chef_cookessentials, Nov 17, 2:41 pm

Whiskey I can so relate to what you are saying although mine is not becasue of work. I had lost focus big time putting on 3 kilos in 2 weeks! ! ! ! what a wake up call. So today I went back on optifast for 2 meals a day and dinner at night with the family. Mine is due to boredom, having finished work and not having alot to do around the house there is only so much housework that I will do! ! ! Ive done the gardens and am so over being home! ! ! But next year I am going to study so I should enjoy this time at home! ! ! . Today I went back on Optifast and upped the walking going from a 35 min brisk walk to a 50 min walk man I was shattered afterwards but feel good for it now.
Its so hard to stay focused but I do not want to go back to where I have come from and so I need to make some realistic changes. So I have set myself some small goals and will work toward those. One learning how to resist food that is not doing me any favours! ! ! . I know through perseverance this will pay off but sometimes it becomes so hard. I sampled the celeberity slim last week the chocolate mint milkshake is to die for lol. But because I get optifast at a good price I will stick to that for now. Just thought I will get some mint essence when I go shopping, and add a drop or two to the optifast. Hubby is starting the Optifast programme that I am on in January so I have to hang in there for him as well as for me.

Chef_fourz, Nov 17, 3:43 pm

whiskey, you have been a rock for me when I needed it, you gave me excellent advise and the kick up the bum I needed at the timeLOL. Shall I do the same for you? ? ? ?

A loss is a loss no matter how small, you know that and you know how far you have come . You also know how hard it is to lose weight.
It sounds to me like you are not in the right head space at the moment. Maybe take a break from optifast. Is it hormonal? ? ? ?
I have had a break(well except for breakfast), just make some other healthy choices.

I have been up and down as well, last week was an excellent week for me, but since Saturday I have put on500grams.

Chin up you know you can do this. Think back to when you first started this journey and where you are now. how many dress sizes have you dropped, how much better you feel in yourself and the next reward you are going to buy yourself

Chef_dorothy_vdh, Nov 17, 5:05 pm

Hi guys. Just in from work and i just want to say a very big thank-you to cookessentials, fourz, and of course dorothy. Cookessentials i may take your advice and have a shake when i get home and change from having one in the morning to having one just before i leave for work. It is very hard working afternoon shift with the body clock thing. I don't like going to bed hungry but i cant go to bed on a full tummy either. I usually get up between 9am and 10am and take the dog for a walk(45-60mins) so as soon as i get home i'll have brekkie. Then between 1-2pm I'll have a piece of fruit or easiyo yoghurt. Then have a shake or bar before leaving for work at 3. 15pm. First smoko is 6pm(muffin or fruit). Tea at 8. 30pm(veges or salad). Last smoko at 10. 45pm(but i usually don't have anything then). Once i get home at midnite i can have another shake. Does this sound like a plan to you! I'll see how i go for a week or two. Once again thank-you for being there for me. Hugs to you all.

Chef_whiskey13, Nov 18, 12:19 am

whiskey just another thought I had, you had mentioned something about the others having good losses, remember that most of them have just started on optifast, so of course they are going to have a bigger loss than you and me.

And if this makes you feel better, I had spag bol for dinner last night(so I knew I would put weight on) since Saturday I have put on a kilo. Dam and blast some of it may be hormonal but I am going to do 2 meals of optifast again. Kick start everything

Chef_dorothy_vdh, Nov 18, 7:40 am

Hi Whiskey, it may be woorth trying and I amm with dorothy on this - I am a "newbie" so I am in the same position you were in when you started. I think shift work is probably one of the worst things in getting your body clock in sync. The other thing you could do is to stick to a maintenance regime for a couple of weeks, then go back to the regualt programme which MAY just shock your body into losing again.

Chef_cookessentials, Nov 18, 7:45 am

Keep going Whiskey it's reading your and Dorothy posts that got me started on this journey, believe in yourself like we do

Chef_crails, Nov 18, 8:51 am

Hey guys, just want to encourage everyone to keep pressing on! We all fail at times but that shouldn't stop us from picking up the pieces and running the race again!

I've had a 500g gain this week so I'm in the same boat as some of you. Because of this, I'm back on the intensive phase.

I think it would be good to remind ourselves as to why we want to loose weight. For me, its because we won't to try for another baby and my body needs to be at a healthy weight again. My body just couldn't cope with pregnancy the first time round!

Chef_nhill1, Nov 18, 1:07 pm

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