Sponge cake - advice please

kuaka, Apr 14, 9:56am
I want to make a sponge cake, and normally I would use two sponge cake tins, but I only have one, thanks to my husband using one of them to burn the meths on the fish smoker!My question is, if I baked half the mixture in my one tin, would the half mixture left over be okay to bake when the first sponge comes out of the oven or would it spoil while it's just sitting.Alternatively, could I cook the whole mix in a deeper fruit cake tin and then cut it in half so I can fill it, and if I did this, do you think it would cook okay, would I have to adjust the timing and/or temperature?(curse the fish smoker)

elliehen, Apr 14, 10:09am
kuaka, do you have a shallow sponge roll tin?I bake this recipe in one, then cut in half, fill with jam and whipped cream and out the other half on top.I don't think it would be a good idea to leave half your mixture sitting around on the bench.

Assemble all ingredients
Have eggs at room temperature
Sift 1/2 cup cornflour
2 teaspoons ordinary flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
Lightly grease sponge roll pan and put baking paper in the bottom
Separate 3 eggs
Beat whites till soft peaks form
Slowly add 1/2 cup caster sugar, beating all the time
Add yolks and beat till rich mix
Add all sifted dry ingredients and stir to combine
Pour mix into pan and drop sharply onto bench
Bake 180*C for 15 minutes
Drop again on bench after removing from oven
Rest it for 5-10 minutes before removing
Cut in half, fill with fruit and whipped cream and place other half on top
(Can be made in two round sponge pans, or rolled)

kuaka, Apr 14, 10:28am
elliehen - no I don't.It must be the one type of tin I don't have.I shouldn't really blame my hubby for using the other sponge tin, as he was searching for something to use as the original tin had rusted away, and I told him to use it as - quote - "I never make sponges".Well that was then, this is now and I want to make one.

I didn't think it would be a good idea to cook the one mix in two batches.Maybe I'll try baking it in a deeper tin and cutting it in half afterwards, and if it doesn't work, then I guess I'll have the makings of a trifle!

macandrosie, Apr 14, 10:36am
I was making cinnamon oysters tonight & I had some leftover mixture & not enough oyster pans so I did a second batch, admittedly they have more ingreds that a regular sponge, I found the second batch were heavier in the base because some of remaining mixture went to the bottom of the bowl, should have given it a gentle stir before putting them into the pans, they're a little heavier.

elliehen, Apr 14, 11:42am
Sponges seem to like a shallow tin - they do a sort of pouchy pillow thing over the edge.

dilligaf_dah, Apr 14, 11:46am
In the bakery we poor out all the sponges into the tims then cook them in batches so they sit around for a bit.Take into accountflat tin does not take that long to cook.So would be Ok to do it in two lotsI make my cakes at home like that as I only have a small kitchen and not enough room to store to many tins.

cookessentials, Apr 14, 11:11pm
Is that the one off the pack of a packet elliehen?

elliehen, Apr 14, 11:15pm
That's the one that came from the Food pages of The Press, but I compared it with the Fielder's sponge on the packet this week and it's identical except for the oven temperature, which Fielder's gives as 190*Cinstead of 180*C.It really is a no-fail recipe.

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