Good cake for freezing to make prior to decorating

craigen, Apr 12, 1:00am
What do you great cooks suggest I make for my sonsbirthday that can be frozen and then decorated and also what do I decorate if its a choc cake can I still put almond icing on and then white icing or is their some other method?? Please I need advise sooon its his birthday in the schoool hols so want to do the cake b4 Friday this week.TIA Deborah

cookessentials, Apr 12, 1:29am
Usually the almond paste is for rich fruit cakes. often, the decorated cakes just use a fondant to cover the cake, so if you were making a chocolate cake, you can freeze it, un-iced and then defrost overnight and cover in fondant and decorate. What age is he?
You could just decorate with a chocolate ganache or split it in half and fill with ganache and then ice with choc icing. You could do a citrus cake if he does not want chocolate or even a basic butter cake.

craigen, Apr 12, 1:31am
Hi Thanks for that he is 12 this year and wants a picture on I will try and up load

craigen, Apr 12, 1:36am
Please tell me how to up load the pic as I have never done this before

cookessentials, Apr 12, 3:27am
Hi deborah, there are places that will do pictures for cakes. All you have to do is send them the image. I had one done ( although, they made the cake) for Sonb's 21'st...all I did was email the photo through and they put it on the cake. I am sure you can also have them printed and sent to you so that you can pop them on the top.

craigen, Apr 12, 5:22am
Thanks for the information regarding the photos, but I would like to know is which is the icing you use to draw on with the coloured pencils that I have purchased from Trademe. My friend is a talent artist and is going to do this for me. I hope that you kinda know what I mean. Thanks for your help

gardie, Apr 12, 7:09am
Fondant - put ganache under this but ensure you set it before putting the fondant on.Alternatively, you could get your friend to paint/draw on a disc of fondant that has the hardening compound in it and leave it to set in a warm dry place for a day or two before putting on the cake.

craigen, Apr 12, 9:00am
Ok ladies do you have a good ganache reciepe please this is the first time that i have done any of this ......been watching sky and like what i see but am very nervous bout doing this for my sons birthday

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