Cake yeast/ compressed yeast

happiclown, Apr 7, 6:22am
I use this for my breads as it is WAY cheaper and lasts forever.

however I want to make some hot cross buns and most recipes call for dried or surebake...

anyone have either a conversion or a reciep that I can have a fiddle with?

shaun16, Apr 7, 6:38am
using dried yeast you use a 3rd of the amount of fresh (100g fresh compressed yeast = 33g dried yeast)

happiclown, Apr 7, 6:40am
okay that makes sense.

thank you.

even still its way cheaper.I do 2 doz buns for the family each day ( 9 kids) I go through $10 yeast over 6 weeks.

lynan, Apr 7, 6:44am
I used a Margaret Fulton recipe ( with compressed yeast) and it was absolutely fantastic. Best hot x buns I have ever made and ever eaten, but that is a few years ago now and I cant find that recipe. Will google for it, and if you are interested I will post it.

lynan, Apr 7, 6:47am
Wow!!! lolol, did not mean to have that biiiiiig link, hope it works!

happiclown, Apr 7, 7:59am
thank you !!!

pickles7, Apr 7, 8:24pm
Why not fiddle with your bread recipe..add 1 tsp each, mixed spice, cinnamon, and a cup of mixed fruit, or sultanas.
I find the sure to rise yeast and bread improver, easy and reliable to use.

cgvl, Apr 8, 3:07am
happiclown where do you get your yeast from? I haven't been able to get any for several years and much prefer it to granulated yeast.

pr1ncesswst, Apr 8, 8:18am
All the bakeries i have baked at will happily sell it to you, so try your local supermarket.

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